Mobile App

I’m testing my app on an Intermec mobile pc to see if it is suitable, but can’t seem to get the apps to launch. I can get to the gateway page most of the time and can see the applications, but when I click on one, the screen just goes grey and nothing else happens. I looked at the project properties, and everything looks ok. Any ideas?

The scanner is running Windows 6.5, and the gateway is running Ignition 7.2.8.

Assuming you mean you’re using the mobile module: Does the browser in Windows 6.5 support HTML5 and the canvas element?

No idea, but I’m guessing not because coincidentally Intermec just released a new HTML5 browser on Monday with the following description: “HTML5-capable web browser based on WebKit”

Does this imply that it has the canvas element? I’ll upgrade the browser later today.

The canvas element is part of HTML5.