Mobile application on Andriod

Your demo seems to work fine on my S4, however my simple mobile app didn’t work when launched as mobile. I can navigate to the mobile launch screen on my geteway and I can logon, but then get an error on launch.
Setup is not valid for launching mobile VMs: Java version 7 required

The same application works when I do a mobile launch, but on a PC.
My Ignition version is V7.6.5 (b201) which I believe is pretty up to date.
I will continue to investigate, but I’m not really sure where to look…

What version of Java is your Ignition Gateway running on? Looks like it needs Java 7.

I’ll look into it tomorrow and post the result

It might be using another version of Java that resides on the system path.

You can set the path to Java in the mobile settings and specify the path to Java 7