Mobile application


I i m getting problem with Mobile application in my phone.

I added gateway in mobile application and app show me that host valid, but when I press Next select application it’s give me error that : No application found. The gateway you selected has no application.
On ignition server i set everything… also I have one mobile project but still not working. Under browser I m able to open it… but under application not

Anybody had similar problem?

Thank you

I know this thread is very old but I was just experiencing the same issue. In my case, I am using Nginx as a reverse proxy and managing SSL there. If I bypass Nginx and connect directly to the Ignition gateway, this issue goes away.

I had a similar issue with Designer Launcher however the details here seem to be different.

The request that is failing is to /data/perspective/runnable-projects. If I make that same request from another client like a browser or curl, the request succeeds through Nginx. From the mobile client (iOS), Nginx responds with a 400 status. It appears that the mobile client is making an unusual request that the Igntion gateway can accept but other servers like Nginx will not.

The same 400 response is given to the mobile client when it verifies the hostname and port by requesting /system/gwinfo however the mobile client appears to be happy with any response and verifies the address even after receiving a 400 status.

In the case of using Nginx, I do not see a way around this. Hopefully one of the product owners can weigh in.

Hi @mtacina, welcome back to the forums!

This is interesting, Since you state it loads when you visit the page in the browser (I assume this means you have a configured Window with a few components?) there is a setting in the project properties which hides projects from the native and mobile apps: Hide from Launch Page and Native Apps which may be coming into play here.

As far as the reverse proxy issue, in 8.0+ usually the Web Server Public Address Settings can help address this. also, ensure support for websockets is there as well. you can still accomplish what you want in 7.9 though without these settings.

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