Mobile based problems and possible native Android app?

After doing some test runs with the mobile version of Ignition, I’ve noticed some performance problems. For us, latency when switching screens, and real-time chart plots is very important. I don’t believe this has anything to do with Ignition and everything to do with being browser based. My first thought was that it was a Safari issue since I was using an iPad so I decided to start looking at Android based tablets so I could run Chrome. As a simple test, I ran the browser version in my Chrome/Firefox/Edge browsers on the desktop using 24GB of RAM and Core i7 Processor. Still the same performance issues when switching windows, updating data, etc…

In summary, since Ignition is written in Java and Android is more or less built on Java, is it possible to have a native app for Android without too much effort? Would this be that difficult? When I launch the native app on Windows all of these performance issues go away and Ignition works great!

Because of this I am looking at finding a Windows tablet, however, there is much more selection of Android based tablets than Windows tablets; especially with accessories.

Any thoughts?

Not possible. Ignition’s client and designer use Java’s Swing UI framework. Android has its own UI framework and Swing is not available.

Ive heard rumblings of a html 5 module or something. Is that still on the radar?

Also, not sure what your screens look like but you can also use the webdev module to build html screens… but you are going to have to code your own stuff as opposed to using the ignition designer.

Yep, it’s happening in Ignition 8.

What are you able to do with the HTML5 module?