Mobile Client Connection Problem

I’m trying out the Mobile Module in trial mode and am trying to connect. When I do using this:


I get: Error during session creation
Error (error): 500 Internal Server Error

and a Restart button which then gives the same error. This happens whether I connect from a mobile device (Android) or a PC web browser. I get the same error regardless of the project name (existing or not).

I think I have the Mobile settings correct. I’m using JRE 6 and the path specifed as:

              C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\jre\bin\java.exe

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

are you able to connect to the Ignition Gateway Homepage by just using the URL iowaeng:8088? Try using just that URL and see what you get. Also, double check that you have allowed port 8088 in Windows firewall settings.

I can run projects the ‘normal’ way. I reach the gateway with any PC or mobile device. It’s when I try reaching a project with : ‘http://iowaeng2:8088/main/system/mobile?project=Kanban’ that I have problems. I get the same error whether I use a valid project name or not.

Please check the system logs around the same time as the “500” error to find the corresponding error details.