Mobile Client "Connection Reset"

I must have broke something, as my mobile clients used to start fine. Now I’m not connecting and receiving “Connection Reset” on client and “Failure in mobiledata/rects. [isClientVMRunning()=false,” in Gateway log. Any suggestions?

What OS are you running ignition on?

Linux Ubuntu

Exactly the same here too, they were working fine, now getting connection reset. Running on linux mint

Follow this … e-on-linux

Now its working again, strange that it was working for a week or so then need those steps

Having the same issues. Followed the guide from the previous post. Restarted service, restarted server. All mobile clients fail. “Show debug on client” displays nothing. Having a linux moment and cant seem to locate or find any associated log files.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Ignition 7.9.1

Client - Android Chrome
PC Chrome
PC Mozilla