Mobile Client Launching

Is there a way to make it so that when the mobile client launches it goes straight to a project? I have a gateway with several projects and I don’t want to everybody to have to go through the projects to find the project they should be attached to. Thanks!


Whenever you launch a project from the home page of your ignition server, it downloads a .jnlp file with the project name. Just click this file, it will launch that project. No need to launch from gateway home page.

That is true for the standard client, but not mobile.

I am running Ignition 7.7/64 bit on Ubuntu 14.04/64bit desktop. I can launch mobile or any project just by clicking the .jnlp file.

R.Alamsha - thanks for trying to help, but not sure if you are understanding my question fully. You can’t “click” on the .jnlp to launch a mobile client through a browser on a mobile device - it doesn’t use Java. With mobile clients a VM is created on the server machine which then translates the project to HTML5 so it can be viewed by an HTML5 compatible browser. When you launch mobile it brings you to a page asking which project to launch if you have multiple. What I am asking is if there is a link that gets you past that page and takes you directly to your project instead of having to select your project?

Sorry for the confusion. In fact, non java mobile client is something new i have learnt from you. Thanks for good explanation.

The following URL takes you straight to the mobile project’s login page (without the brackets, of course):