Mobile Client Takes 2 minutes to start up

Good morning, I’m hoping someone here can help me with this issue.

Recently after adding a new device to my ignition gateway, our mobile clients take way too long to load. Theres no issue navigating the project once it is open, but that initial load takes on average two minutes. The log on the ignition gateway doesn’t show any issues, it just waits. Here is what the log says when I try to start a mobile client.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Andres Mora

Is your gateway connected to the internet, or air-gapped? You might be running into Java’s automatic certificate revocation checks.

Thanks for the help! Our gateway has internet access, and i’m not sure what air-gapped means. Our gateway and PLC’s are on a seperate network that is connected to our computer network through a firewall with a proxy bridge allowing the two networks to talk. I’ve tried moving the gateway to the same network as the mobile client and it still has the same issue. One thing i’ve noticed is that it always takes exactly 126 seconds to load a mobile client, and once it’s connected it runs smoothly.

Air-gapped means that a device is physically isolated from unsecure networks

I’m not too knowledgeable on the networking side of things, but I know that our gateway is on a seperate subnet than our other networks. We have our gateway and two other machines on the same subnet physically wired together via switches. Than that subnet hooks into our firewall firebox, that connects it to our internet and other networks. Sorry if I didn’t explain things well enough.

How do you solve the certificate revocation checks? Ever since we upgraded to 7.9.12 and started using the Azul Java, our mobile apps take three minutes to start.

After talking with Kurt from technical support he told me what my issue was. There is an issue with the mobile module and the web browser module interacting with each other. There were two solutions that kurt offered me:

  1. Uninstall the web browser module if we were not using it.
  2. Run the “Ignition Gateway” service (services.msc) with an administrator account. You can right click the “Ignition Gateway” and click the log on tab and enter an adminstrator account. Then restart your service.

Super. Thanks!, I will give it a try.