Mobile Client with IPAD

It certailnly work

It looks like your problem is purely on the networking end. First thing I’d do is make certain the IP you’re trying is the IP of the computer you have the server on. Command Prompt ipconfig /all should give you a list of network interfaces and their IP addresses.

I’d test the IP address(es) initially on the same computer as Ignition is on; if it doesn’t work there it won’t work elsewhere.

If certain IP address is correct and it still doesn’t work, there may be a setting or something (probably not in Ignition) that needs to be changed on the Ignition server computer. I’d search the internet for something like “localhost works but IP doesn’t Windows [version]” and see what comes up

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Sounds like this may be a default gateway setup issue. If the two computers are on the same network (i.e. 192.168.0.x, Subnet:, Gateway, but now you change your computer to and you try to browse for the computer from the iPad, and assuming your iPad still has the same 192.168.0.x network, the iPad will forward the packet to your router (the default gateway) and your router will either drop the packet or route the traffic to the internet (unlikely).

Your best bet is to put your computer back to DHCP (most likely how you had it) and then use ipconfig in a cmd prompt to determine your current IP. The other option is to set a static IP on your iPad as well and put the default gateway to your computer. This will only work for these 2 devices to connect to one another.

As an FYI, using localhost or, though it works perfectly fine on the actual computer, does not actually test any of your network settings.

Best of luck!

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Actually there is nothing wrong with the network. Ii somehow saw something funny in the gateway setting. Now it work as intended. In fact i checked through ipconfig earlier on when i hit the wall ealier on. Thnks any way