Mobile Client with IPAD

I am using a trial version and trying to learn as much as i could. Here is what I want to know how to set up mobile client.

Ignition Designer and Gateway install in my notebook which is connected to wifi.(no fixed ip)

I have an Ipad running IOS12.0.1. So how am i going to connect as a client ?

You will need the mobile module installed on your gateway. Go to your gateway portal and there should be an address identified for your iPad browser to use.

This is what my gateway homepage looks like:

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For trial version, the mobile module is installed. I am able to access the mobile setting.

“Go to your gateway portal and there should be an address identified for your iPad browser to use.”

Which part? Any screen shoot?


@p_hanson’s answer above shows a screenshot of the Mobile Launch section on the gateway with address for mobile browser in orange (and QR code you could scan instead of entering in the address). This is the section you are looking for on your Ignition gateway’s homepage.

Ok. Let me check it out and come back again

if I would want to access the scada by using mobile data to have a feel of how it work and measure the performance. The above set up is applicable?


The mobile must be on the same LAN as the Ignition server for that link to work. Otherwise, the same rules apply as accessing anything on a LAN from outside the LAN; either get on the LAN via VPN or connect through router public IP with port forwarding setup.

I am using Wifi with no fixed ip. So my ipad and iphone will not be able to launch from it.

Any work around?

Ok, now i managed to fixed the wifi IP. Still my ipad safari is not able to open it. (IOS12.1)

Is your iPad on the same LAN? (Assuming subnet mask on LAN, is your iPad IP 192.168.1.x?)

Yes. the ipad and other mobile devices are using the same wifi network. in fact the ;laptop that with the Ignition gateway (connected to wifi) and the IP is as shown in the screen grab as localhost. if the server address at gateway is blank, then the notebook ip will not be shown. so i filled up the ip of the laptop (as shown in the second screen grab).

Am I correct to fill up the server address? if not, what can I do.

Filling in the address is good. A couple things to check:

  1. If you open on your laptop, does it go to the gateway homepage? If not, check IP address.
  2. If you open on your iPad, do you get the gateway homepage? If not, but you get it in the first step, do you have a firewall on the laptop that might be blocking it?
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Let me try again later just to be sure from what I observed.

What should i look for in the firewall setting?

I am curious, the IP address for the server,

To launch a project on a mobile device, scan the barcode or navigate your device’s web browser to: —> is the IP of my lap top?

Now, I experiment with this;

I set up another wireless router, connected with cable, make my laptop with static IP

Server Address —>>
The address to use as the url suggestion for mobile clients on the homepage via the QR code. Leave blank for auto-detect. For example: “”

Java Path
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_191\bin\java.exe
The path to the Java executable. Must be a Java 8 or 9 JRE. The default value assumes that Java is on the path.
(default: java)

same problem
This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Yes, the IP address for Ignition server will be the IP address of the computer it is installed on. Quick test for firewall is to disable firewall and see if it works. If it does, you know what you’re dealing with and can add exceptions to your firewall to make it work. I don’t have details for this handy, but someone else may.

Still the same even problem with the Firewall disable.

One Question: Which version of Java the Mobile Client Supported?
my installted Java
java version “1.8.0_191”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_191-b12)
Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.191-b12, mixed mode)

Any particular technical personnel I can approach ?

I’ll defer to others on the mobile module–waiting for Perspective with Ignition 8 so we haven’t played with the mobile module.

That said, you’ll need to get connection to gateway working before you can get the mobile module working. If you can access gateway web page via localhost address but not the IP on your laptop, that’s the first place to start. You should be able to reach it via IP if you have the correct IP.

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The mobile module will work as long as the Gateway is running any version of Java 8. As @witman said, though - if you can’t get connected to the gateway webpage from a remote device, the mobile module is a moot point.

Yes certainly the localhost work

But definitely not with the specified Static IP.