Mobile Client

I had previously asked/looked for java enabled handhelds but basically gave up on that not that it really matters with my issues.

So, we will be going with the Mobile clients with 32GB on the Gateway to compensate. This is our first Ignition project where we will providing HMI’s, Management Reporting displays, and handheld functionality (like for off-line inventory with no connection to the PLC’s). Our background is MSSQL and non-PLC hardware/software. We believe we have a handle on the HMI’s and management reporting with Ignition but are struggling somewhat with the Mobile clients. Normally, we would prompt for a bar-code scan and immediately use sql statements to process / validate / update etc. then continue collecting additional data; rinse and repeat, until we have the necessary data to complete the transaction, i.e. stock put-a-way. A lot of SQL…

So, do I understand correctly that the only way for me to navigate though the screen inputs is with the component scripting combining sql scripting in Ignition scripting and a significant amount of managing focus? SQL scripting in this environment is a real pain.

Sure wish there was a .proj that I could use as an example. Thanks for the patience and the verbosity of this post.

mwaynesmith, mobile project development in Ignition is very similar to standard project development. The only real differences are the client size and complexity limitations imposed primarily by the mobile form factor and the amount of data that can realistically be passed over WiFi or a mobile data connection.

We do have a mobile project template that can get you started - when you create a new project in the Designer, on the “New Project Setup” screen, using the “Project Template” dropdown to select the “Mobile Project” template.

Also, the demo download here contains a mobile project demo. If you download and extract the “Ignition Demo Project Gateway Backup” archive, you fill find the the Mobile project file in the “Project Backups” folder. You can import that project into an existing 7.9 Gateway and use it as inspiration or a template.