Mobile Design General Guidelines

I have invested far too much time at this point and don’t seem to understand the scaling interactions between setting a project’s mobile screen size settings and individual windows settings.

When setting some windows to the screen resolution of either our iPad or Android tablet. the top of the individual window will appear 1/2 way down the tablet screen. If I extend the height of the window in design mode to some excessive amount, the top of the screen will be at the top of the tablet.

I used a website called to get a sense of the viewport dimensions on both tablets and have tried to design according to those only to never have things actually fit on the screen. I am making a safari shortcut on the desktop of the iPad etc.

Is there any general guidelines that I can work around that work semi consistently such as:
Project>Properties>Mobile>General>Custom 800x600
Window>Size 800x600
minimum size ?x?
maximum size ?x?

Appreciate any help as at this point I have probably 2 days of trial and error and feel I’m just not getting it.

I have had similar struggles. I have my Client working decently on a Android phone and can offer only the following:

  • Set mobile client to a fixed size.
  • Ensure your windows are set to this size.
  • Ensure your objects if they are anchored, do not use center or right binding. I used top and left only.
  • I even changed the maximum window size to be my targeted size.
  • Different Browsers behave differently. Target only one.

Mine only works now through a great deal of experimentation. I’m sure there is a better way, but I’ve run out of time to discover it.

I hope this helps.

I think you nailed it for me!

Everything I have is set to center/center.

Didnt’ even notice that. But if my suspicions are right, it explains ALOT of the behavior I have been getting.

Will advise if that helped, but I bet it will.

Thank you sincerely