Mobile Development Information on VK_ENTER

Our first Ignition project so may be off base here. Was having problems checking for VK_ENTER against designer, run-time, and client. Determined that the enter key behaved differently across the 3 possibles, had to post the key_code to a field on the screen for each of the 3 possibles and they were all different. All this to force a field change with a bar-code scan.

On the text entry field that the barcode scanner outputs to, would it work for your set up to set “Defer Updates” to false? That way as soon as the code gets scanned it will execute the property changed scripts without the need to press enter.

The way we have always done this in the past is to have the bar-code scanner append a CR/LF to the code being scanned and the engine processes the CR/LF as an enter press. Just did not work for us when comparing keycode to VK_ENTER, it was different on the handheld from the designer and PC client.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will take a look at that as an option as well.