Mobile Device Identification

Is there anyway to identify what type of device a person is using when they open a mobile project?

I have some users who primarily use tablets (iPad) instead of computers, and I would like my mobile project (for phones) to have some more detailed screens that can open up on a tablet instead of the phone screens.

So when the user navigates to a screen it automatically gives them a phone screen if they have a phone but a tablet screen if a tablet.

I looked at system.gui.getScreens() but it seems to return the same value on both my iPad and iPhone.

Your best bet would be the SYstem/Mobile/UserAgent string tag. I’m not sure if iOS/Safari actually has different user agents for iPhone/iPad/etc, but that’s pretty much the only way the browser knows anything about the device. Screen size comparisons unfortunately won’t work due to the way the mobile module functions (technically, it’s a client running on the gateway server).

That looks workable.

I didn’t know that location data (for mobile) was all available to Ignition.
I have some interesting ideas for what to do with that…

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Well, I can’t see any actual info when I bind the location data on a screen.

Using iPhone 7 with iOS 10. Safari. I wonder if I’m missing a security setting or something.

I’ll have to play with this some later…