Mobile Device Pop-Up Keyboard

Any time I set focus on an input field, by clicking or by scripting focus, the Android keyboard pops up and obscures half the screen. I am having difficulty with the barcode scanner so thought I’d try just taking the barcode output straight into a text field. This works but the device keyboard always pops up and it appears to not be disableable.

Is there a way or thoughts to scripting an override setting for the device pop up keyboard?

I am also having this issue. I have drop down fields on my perspective mobile app and i want to simply select an option from the drop down without having the phone keyboard pop-up and consume half of the screen. Is this possible through a property or with a script?

If you set to false, the keyboard should not pop out.

In attempting to replicate this, I found that the only inputs which requested a keyboard were Text input components (DatTime Input, Text Field, Text Area, Numeric Entry Fields). Those components all require the keyboard when they have focus, so the behavior is expected. I see that this post is from May, but have you tried the Barcode Scanner in newer versions? We’ve made several improvements to the component since May, so it’s likely your original concerns might have been resolved already.