Mobile Direct Link

i have direct link for show me all of project in gateway.
what’s mobile direct link for specified project name like (Project 1)?? I working now in Android application for specified project and i need my client see only his project not all of the project on the gateway Like IP:8088/main/system/mobile[color=#0000BF]/Project 1[/color]

Second thing ,
is there any system tag indicate the operating system which my client use when i access to gateway he use Android ,IOS, Windows?? I ask this question because i did interface page specially for Mobile and i need when my client access to the gateway using android.the gateway make redirect to mobile interface Page.



I have used the following link for mobile projects.

IP:PORT/main/system/mobile?project=MyProject where MyProject is your project name.

You can also use this link in the forum to answer questions about direct links to client apps.

Your second question may be answered with the System tag that show the client OS. See attached Image.


The first answer is correct.

The second one is not. The problem with this is that the actual mobile client is running on the Ignition server, not the mobile device. The reported OS will be that of the server. You will not be able to return the OS of the mobile device.

tamerplc: Check this and wait a answer…


I’m going to add a system tag that shows whether or not you’ve launched in mobile mode for the next version of the mobile module.

Hi Carl,
thanks for this. also, can you add tag for the Mobile Operation System (Android or IOS)

I’m not sure exactly what info I’ll get - it’s up to the browser. But I think I should get OS info in most cases.

Hi Carl,
is this option available now in V6??

In 7.6 there is no individual system that that says whether the client is mobile but there is a system flags tag ([System]Client/System/SystemFlags) where one of the bits is whether you are running a mobile client. More here.

There is also the operating system tag ([System]Client/System/OperatingSystem) that tells you which OS is launching your client.