Mobile Direct links no longer work in 7.6.3rc1

After upgrading to newest release candidate our customers are calling in and saying they cant log in…the links use to be (IPADDRESS:8088/main/system/mobile?project=Project_Name) now instead of it taking them straight to their project with the name of their project it goes to a login page for the gateway that wants the admin user name and password…once we log into that then it shows their log in for their project…We don’t want them in the ignition gateway we just want their links on ipads and iphones and desktop to take them straight to their project login page…we downgraded to the previous stable version and their links started working again…any new settings we need to change to bypass them being directed to the gateway log in first?

Well, I think what you’re seeing is a new “feature” of the mobile module (don’t laugh!). We changed the mobile module so that it respects the security settings of the Ignition homepage. Have you configured your home page to require a role?

Maybe we should bypass this security check if a specific project name is configured? :neutral_face:

Administrators are only allowed to see the home page. We have multiple companies on our servers and don’t want them to be able to see all the projects…we just gave them a link directly to their project log in screen. Anyway we can just make it go straight to their project if the link they have is directed at their phone and ipads and computers like it use to work?

what’s to prevent them from backing out the “?project=name” from the link and seeing everything?

First off I hate to say it…but I cannot explain to most of the customers how to back that out…and at that…they don’t have the info to log into the homepage and we don’t them to be able to see other companies and other projects on the homepage.

Ok, so what we did like I said above was to make the mobile homepage respect the security settings of the regular homepage.

I think what we should have done and can do to fix this is to add a new property for security settings for the mobile hompage specifically, so that you can choose to have different security settings for the mobile hompage vs the regular hompage. This will let you have no security for the mobile hompage, and your direct links won’t prompt for login anymore. (except for project login, of course)

Ok, for 7.6.3rc2 I changed the mobile module so that it has its own security setting for its homepage.

This is why I highly recommend your SCADA software to everyone in the oil and gas industry…your technical support and listening to customer concerns is outstanding…I can’t mention any companies right now, but I do know of 2 major companies currently using Wonderware and Xspoc that have seen our system and said they are in the process of switching over :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it :mrgreen: