Mobile - how to make clicks more responsive

I’m using the mobile module and following the skeleton project.

I’m noticing some delays with the mousePressed/Released/Clicked events. On list items pressed events, background goes blue, on released, back to normal. Then clicked fires and the appropriate window is loaded.

I often notice long delays between the time I press (and hold) on a virtual button, and the background goes blue. If I just click, sometimes the display never changes color.

It all just feels a little awkward. I tried changing some project parameters but couldn’t improve it.

Any advice here? could some polling interval be changed without incurring in any additional data traffic?


Sorry, what you see is what you get. The technology stack of the mobile module is essentially VNC through a mobile browser. It’s always going to be laggy.

Your best bet is to make sure you’re over wifi (not cell) and keep your screens as small and graphically simple as possible.

Mobile module v2 will use a totally different strategy and should be much more responsive. And no, I don’t have a timeline for that yet.

Thanks for the response, Carl.

Maybe a couple suggestions for v2, although they may be trivial: SVG rendering (vs canvas), WebSockets (vs polling).

Would be great to head more about Mobile module v2 in the future. It is a major, if not THE major, feature for us, and the current approach just doesn’t “feel” great because of responsiveness.

Would there be any way to cache windows and navigation commands in the mobile device, in the current version, to avoid lag?

It has always been that way, it has to do with the response time of HTML5. Currently there is no way to cache windows or navigation commands.