[Mobile] Java.lang.exception: Timeout waiting for new VM

Hello everyone,

As my title says, I get this problem on my Linux machine playing around with the demo (learning Ignition for a possible project).

To summarize it, I created a little project and I want to use it through the Mobile Module. I’m using a Linux machine on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS and I installed Java 8 from Oracle.

About the setup, I made the following modifications in the Gateway -> Mobile -> Settings:

  • Java Path: /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java
  • Environment variable: DISPLAY=:8
  • Max clients: 8
  • Callback Interface: my local IP address

When trying to launch a mobile client, I get the error in the title. So, I saw that someone proposed to run the command used by the Gateway directly in the terminal, and surprisingly, it works. So I can launch a client manually from the terminal, and then connect to it from an Android phone. But if I try to connect directly from the phone, without running the command in my terminal, the Gateway isn’t able to launch a client alone.

I really don’t understand how this is possible. If I can launch the client from a terminal using the same command line, the Gateway should be able to do so. What comes in my mind is that my laptop is quite slow. Maybe there is a way to increase the timeout for the VM to initialize? Or maybe I should add a parameter to the JVM? But I don’t know much about the JVM :frowning:

If someone has any idea, I’ll appreciate !

Thanks !


Nadir, please follow the steps here: support.inductiveautomation.com … e-on-linux ?

On some system, you will also need to reboot after making all the changes.