Mobile Launch error

i received this error once i Launch application on Mobile .i use android and Java Version Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_05
Ignition Version 7.5.1
As per old post Mobile Module work only on Java6. is this is the resone??

Second question . when i launch a project on a mobile device .it appeared all of projects on the Ignition .This link xx.xx.xx.xx:8088/main/system/mobile appeared all of project which i did . i need to appears only one certain project. for example ProjectA .Is there any way to do that??


That’s correct, the mobile module currently is not compatible with Java 7. You will need to have Java 6 installed (you can have Java 6 installed concurrently with Java 7), and on the Mobile Settings page on the gateway, you will have to put the path to the Java 6 version of the java.exe file, which is usually something like:

C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\jre\bin\java.exe

As for the project list, the default behavior is to list all projects. There currently isn’t a way to filter which projects to show. You can have a user directly open a client with this URL:


The mobile module does not currently work with Java 7. You need to install Java 6 in order for it to work.