Mobile module - (1)change launching screen? (2)access mobile project context menu?

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Trying out the mobile module and encountered some queries in Ignition 7.9.
java version “1.8.0_101”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_101-b13)
Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.101-b13, mixed mode)

Currently, launching the mobile application by bypassing the mobile project selection page by using URL: http://ipaddress:8088/main/system/mobile?project=projectName

1)While launching the mobile module application, there are two startup pages seen during launching. Is it possible to change these two screens to other pictures/frames of our choice?

2)After launching the mobile application on the mobile devices(tried using Andriod phones and iphones), it was not able to access the mobile project context menu whereby if we press and hold on our touch-sensitive device, a circular menu will appear allowing us to switch between pointer and pan/zoom mode, as well as options for logging out and entering text input. Had checked the Ingition user manual under “Using the Mobile Option”
(Launching Clients - Ignition User Manual 7.8 - Ignition Documentation)
and it seems that this feature is supposed to be available but we are unable to get the circular menu to appear while we tried to press and hold on the mobile smart phone devices.

Could you please kindly advise what are we missing or how could we get it to work?

In the Configure tab - Mobile Settings - Java Path , we just put the default as “java”, do we need to set the java path?

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Is it possible to change these two screens to other pictures/frames of our choice?

As far as I know it is not possible to make any changes to that . I had asked a similar question before from the support team and I was told it can’t be done. that was about a year ago, maybe things have changed since then…

As for the second part, can you be a little more clear?
The functionality that you are talking about, does it work the way you want in the designer when you are working on the mobile project?
Are you saying that you can’t access any of the content of your mobile project at all?

Could the support team help to advise on the first part of the question please?

To clarify the second part of the question, we are able to launch our application project on the mobile smart devices. There is no other error or issue. The only thing that right now we are not able to achieve the functionality of the press and hold, could you please kindly advise what do we need to do in the designer or else where in order to have the circular menu to appear(refer to attached screenshot) ?

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If you want to remove the Ignition and Inductive Automation branding, you will have to white label the product.

Also, these forums are considered community support, though IA staff does contribute. For real support, open a ticket.

Also it will be very helpful if you watch the videos in IA university at
A lot of great information in there that can help you solve issues.
I’m still confused on the second part… are you saying you CAN open the mobile project but when you open it there is nothing in there?
can you provide some screen shots of the actual issue?

Thanks for the reply.
Wonder what is the meaning of white label the product?
How do we go about doing it?

Oh…so sorry about it
Am new here
Didnt know there isnt any support team :hushed:
Got the impression that there is support team
Thanks for informing about it
Wonder how do we go about getting a ticket?

Thanks a lot for all the kind replies

Apologise again if the question or description is not clear…

Will do my best to clarify…but if it is still not clear…please do let me know…maybe if you watch the video; you would get a better idea of what i am trying to ask/say :blush:

Yes…we had already watched several of the videos from inductive university. Also we had watched videos from youtube and saw that it is possible…
And it seems quite simple.
From the youtube video …it shows press and hold on the smart phone and the circular menu will appear…exactly like what the manual says “press and hold” to get the circular menu…

Thus we didnt manage to get the circular menu popup and dont know how…so need to post here to seek advise…

Wonder if you are able to follow and get the same result as what the manual says(as per what i highlighted for that part of the manual) and what the video “Mobile Module - Inductive Automation” shows (
- YouTube
Would you please kindly advise how do you get the circular menu on your mobile phone when you launch your application?

Thank you very much

Sounds like there’s something wrong with the browser on your phone. Javascript security limits, perhaps? It doesn’t sound like something wrong with Ignition. Consider trying a different mobile device, with standard browser and settings.

Also official support from IA is here. This forum is not official support.

Thanks for your kind reply and advise

Yes…we did tried many times on different smart phones(had tried out on 4 different phones)…on andriod phones as well as on iphone but still didnt get the expected result ss per the screenshot shown in the video

Thus we really cant figure out what is wrong

Appreciate any advise

Thank you

Thank you very much for the clarification

The ‘press and hold’ mobile shortcut menu no longer exists - it was removed not long after the mobile module launched due to various problems. The manual you were referencing is outdated and no longer actively maintained (since it’s for a closed branch, 7.8). The current manual is available here:

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Thanks for your reply
Noted that the press and hold shortcut menu is removed

Could you please advise how could we implemented it perhaps through scripting or through other ways?

Because right now we are unable to do the Setting Mobile Client Size and Fit to Device as it doesnt work also

When we launch our application…some parts of it is out of the mobile phone . We are unable to scroll or to pan it and unable to drag or move or zoom the application or the application window

Had tried out the various settings on different phones . Meaning to say had tried “Fit to device” as well as “Custom” (800x 600).
But it still doesnt fit to the device resolution for different phones having different resolution.

Would appreciate your kind advise

Thank you

When you started your mobile project, did you use a mobile project template??

If you didn’t I suggest you start again and use that otherwise everything will look weird.

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Thanks for your kind reply

Oh …not so sure about that…
Currently, is it possible to check this setting any where ?

I tried to check under localhost -> Configure -> Projects -> Edit
But didnt find any related setting or information of this nature.

Seems like the case now :cry:
Will try to start again

Thank you

From everything i see I think you did not choose the mobile template when setting up your mobile project so I suggest starting a new project and this time select mobile template .

Yes…you are right :grinning:

Thank you so much