Mobile Module - Direct link to mobile projects?

What’s the formatting for a direct link to launch a project via the mobile module?
Reason being, I’d like to create a QR code for each project and make a wallet card for new employees…

Oooo, I like this idea. :thumb_left:

Can this be automated somehow? Maybe a print button on the gateway configuration page?

:thumb_left: like it too !

Consider the feature requested. Currently there is no direct link for mobile projects - you’ve got to go through the project choosing screen.

Has this been implemented yet?

I am looking into creating some mobile apps for Ipad users. I would like to provide some icons for direct access to mobile projects. I think I can do this by creating a shortcut on the home screen to that html address if there is one.

Not yet, but it hasn’t been forgotten.

Please update this thread if it ever does get implemented.

Will do - it will get implemented, but it’ll take some time.

Yes please :prayer: html link on the mobile homepage so we can use a smart Tv !
While waiting for this update, how can we launch a mobile project on an internet capable Tv ? Even assuming there is only one project on the gateway ?

Just wanted to add my name to the list of people requesting this feature. Individual project links for mobile launch would be very useful. Otherwise we end up with a really long list of projects, or we need to implement a single mega-project which displays certain pages based on logged user.

As of 7.4.3, you’ll be able to access an individual project via [tt]/main/system/mobile?project=MyProject[/tt]

Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks!

I am trying to implement a mobile module direct link like this:

but the problem is sometimes it goes to the project and sometimes it goes to the list of projects screen. Any way to make this occur so that the project always opens to the project you put in the url?

Sorry to re-bump an old thread.

I am having a (somewhat) similar issue to what Eric described in the above post. What I am trying to accomplish is create a sort of web frame view to multiple projects (copies of the same project essentially, but for different departments) from one project screen. I have approached it from the following methods and am running into some roadblocks on each:

  • Using the Mobile module and open multiple web browser windows, with a direct link to each project - This works on each project when running 1 at a time, but if I open 2+, it overrides the URL and both windows show the 1st project. I’m guessing this may be related to the browser cache in some way?

  • Using the Web Browser module to do a similar thing but from within a separate project that just has web frames to the others - I run into similar issues as the 1st method.

I have v7.9.6 and using with the latest Chrome along with IE 11 to test. Is there a better way that someone has been able to create a window to multiple projects from a single project, or is this something that may be more compatible with v8? I can post this to a new topic if easier. Thanks