Mobile Module keyboard on Android ICS

I started playing around with the Mobile Module and can’t get the keyboard to pop up when a textbox is selected on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. I read (and tried) that if you hold down the Menu button in Gingerbread it’ll cause the keyboard to pop up, but I have read that they took this out in ICS. Any ideas?

It is a little clunky. You have to hold your finger down until the keypad comes up. Select the keyboard option which pops it up. In previous versions of Android you could just press a button to bring up the keyboard.

Ok, I was able to get ‘clunky’ to work. Anything in the works to improve this?

Yes, we are going to make native apps with better support.

I’ve been trolling your forum, probably not hard enough but ill ask anyway.

When can we expect native android mobile beta?

I am sure we are all really (really-really-really) looking forward to it. Some perhaps more IOS if you are that way inclined… But native mobile for the two main camps would be great.

Your mobile module has ‘gotten us through’ as it stands, Java7 support although initially was said to be too hard has now (supposedly in the changelog?) been added. I had a bit of trouble supporting 6 and 7 when I first installed our installation.

It actually isnt all that nice though, especially on slower GSM networks. Tt would be so much better if it could download (and/or cache) the page and just send the IO data to operate it.

Pretty please share an ETA for us?

Right now we do not currently have any kind of expected release date.

Thanks, that’s a bit upsetting.

It seems like its really been pushed to the bottom of the pile in favor of an MES focus.

Does the new dev preview of Java8 bring anything to the table in terms of java compatibility?

Anything at all that you can share to give us hope or are we better off finding another solution for people who want better mobile clients.

(the current method of accessing ignition via mobile is feeling very dated, and its not just me who feels that way)

Just FYI I recently sampled a rockwell panelview plus terminal V8 firmware (beta) at a trade show that pushed vantagepoint out via HTML5 instead of silverlight. It was buttery smooth on current gen mobile browsers, iOS android and WindowsPhone.

Not saying that I want to switch to FTME for a number of reasons but I’m just letting you guys know whats around the corner.

MES may have a big push but that is a separate group of developers all together.

We have been doing testing with Java 8, however, most of the testing has been with compatibility.

Right now there is still no news as to a dedicated mobile application. I am sorry that you feel the mobile module is very dated. We did recently update the mobile module to support Java 7. The mobile module was greatly overhauled during this process. If you have not already, I do encourage you to check it out.