Mobile module -Locale problem

When loading a mobile project, it selects the Locale where the Ignition server is installed, not where the mobile device is. E.g. I’m in North America but the server is located in Europe, so date/time is local to Europe and chart x-axis uses local language to render date/month.

I think this would also create problems with different timezones and mobile devices, even if Locale is the same.

I know that a VM is launched in the server for every mobile client, so that’s why this locale is loaded. It would be useful to either:

  • detect locale for the mobile device, and send that information to the remote VM to initialize locale
  • add a mobile project property to force locale


The date and time will probably never work in that manner. This is due to the fact that the actual “client” of the mobile module is running on the server and not the actual mobile device.

Thanks for your answer Greg. I understand why it’s doing what it’s doing.

My question, or feature request I guess, would be: is it possible to force a locale for a project?

For example, I’m able to force the Timezone from Project Properties -> Client -> General.

It would be nice to force a Locale, e.g. here in Canada fr_CA or en_CA according to the project/customer.


Unfortunately no, your still running the client on the gateway, so there is no way to force it.