Mobile Module on Droid

I apologize if this has been posted earlier, but the mobile module interests me greatly and would be a great addition to any SCADA system. However when me and my coworker pulled up the demo application via the web on our droid phones (default browser), it would get stuck in the landscape view (which doesn’t look as nice as the profile view). Turning the phone back to the profile orientation would not reset the page.

Reloading the demo from scratch while ensuring the phone is held in the proper position is a work around for this problem right now.

Yeah, I have a Droid too and I know what you’re talking about. I think the problem is that it detects the orientation right when you first load the page, and then won’t try to re-detect it unless you refresh the whole page. I’ll make a note of it.

This was added in 7.5.10