Mobile Module Safari Browser is encountered when trying to connect to ignition mobile module with safari browser on iphone.
How do I get this to work?

First, in the device settings make sure that you have Accept Cookies set to either always or from visited. Also, make sure you enable JavaScript. Clear the history on the device along with the cache. You may also want to restart the device after doing all of this.

Also, make sure that you have an exception in the gateways firewall for port 8088. Additionally, if you’re running the mobile module in trial mode, make sure you have reset the trial timer.

and make sure you are running Java6 on the Ignition server and that the mobile module knows how to get to it.

Or you can go into the mobile settings in the gateway and specify the path to Java 6.

After checking all the above (path was to jre7 changed to jre6). I can get to the ignition page via safari but after launching project and entering login and password error message
“Invalid Setup Exception Java setup is not valid for launching mobile VM’s”.

Right, that’s because you are using Java 7. In the mobile settings page of the Ignition Gateway you will need to specify the path to Java 6. The mobile module is only supported with Java 6. If you do not specify the Java 6 path in the mobile settings then you will need to uninstall Java 7 and install Java 6. Doing this will require you to update the path top java in the ignition.conf file.

Are there any plans to have the mobile module compliant with Java 7 soon? We will be interested in purchasing it but do not wish to go back to a less secure version of Java.


There are plans for the mobile module in the future. This is all “to be determined.”