Mobile Module Screen Size


I am at present trying to set up a mobile client project. I am having 2 issues,

  1. i am unable to get the mimic to automatically fit to various different devises, e.g. IPhone 4, HTC and Samsung GalaxyS. i have the option selected in mobile section of properties to ‘fit to device’.
    I have tried modifying the custom sizes also and these are not having any affect. please could you advise as to what i should be doing.

  2. the search bar at the top of the device is not minimizing, how do i get this to to that?

I have gone through a few threads looking for relevant information on this matter and cannot seem to find what i am looking for.

Any help would be gratefully received


I actually have been playing with this a bit in the last day. from what I have been reading, if your using ignition 7.6.2 or earlier, if you go to the project options and click on client, then set the size to a nominal size rather than “fit to screen” it works a bit better.

What I actually did and kind of like is what is in the new beta program 7.6.3-RC4. In there, especially on an ipad, it works better with the above option set to “fit to screen” and may work better. Its something to test out and try at least.

@mwillenbring, Thank you for your response.

I seem to have resolved the problem, i think the main problem that was affecting it was the search bar at the top on the iphone. I did not realise that once i had it launched on safari i then had the option to set an icon to the desktop which is now opening it as more of an app style which fits fully on the screen. I do have another 2 queries however,

  1. Does anyone know of how to stop the “app” from rotating on the iphone without having to switch it off on the specific device,
  2. and does anyone know how to put an “app” style icon on an android device?

again, any help would be gratefully received.

  1. No, the browser will rotate unless you turn off screen rotation on your device.
  2. On android, you don’t turn it into an “app” but you can create a home-screen shortcut. See instructions here