Mobile Module SSL?

Does the Mobile Module use SSL by default? Or do you need to enable SSL on the Gateway and encrypt all client communication?

Is it possible to have some clients use SSL and others not use SSL?

Is the ‘http://~/main/system/mobile’ page just a mobile optimized webpage?

Yes, the main/system/mobile page is just mobile optimized. The Mobile Module will be forced to SSL if the gateway setting for SSL is checked. If SSL is not checked, you can access the gateway by http (default port: 8088) or https (default port: 8043).

As for clients, whether or not a client uses SSL strictly depends on the gateway setting, which is global for all projects in that gateway.

So https (default port: 8043) connections are always encrypted regardless of the ‘Use SSL’ setting on the Gateway, when ‘Use SSL’ is set to true on the Gateway this forces the http (default port: 8088) connections to use encryption?

Yes. Check out this area of the users manual for more information. … yption.htm