Mobile Module URLs and Sizing

I’m evaluating the Mobile Module and I see that there is one url to access all the modules from the ignition gateway which enables the customer to view all the projects that I have staged there. Is there a way to have a direct url to the mobile module for each project that I create such as the urls for the other projects such as these:

Windowed JNLP: IP:PORT/main/system/launch/clien … _NAME.jnlp
Full-Screen JNLP: IP:PORT/main/system/launchfs/cli … _NAME.jnlp
Applet URL: IP:PORT/main/web/applet/client/PROJECT_NAME

I am trying to have more than one mobile project without every user seeing the other projects.


What are the window sizes etc of the screens that were used in the webinar demonstration. I can’t seem to get the window sized right without having to pan around.

Thanks! Hope 2011 serves you all well!

Currently it is not possible to specify the mobile project you want to launch by altering the URL, but this is a good feature request.

As far as the mobile screen sizing, to really get rid of pan/zoom what you probably want to do is to get your screen roughly the right size and then choose the “Fit to Device” option. That will make the mobile client use the actual mobile device’s reported screen size as the project size, which should give you a perfect fit. (I say “should” because some mobile OSes are better than others at this. Early iOS devices were not very good, but newer ones work well)

Is this still a request or has it been implemented?

Still a request.

As of 7.4.3, you’ll be able to access an individual project via [tt]/main/system/mobile?project=MyProject[/tt]