Mobile Module with Redundancy

I have two servers setup in redundancy. I first setup the master with the mobile module and the back up without the mobile module. It appears after turning on redundancy the backup server installed the mobile module and caused the server to go into trial mode. How do I stop the backup server from installing the mobile module since the mobile module does not support redundancy?

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For mobile redundancy, what is the solution?


The mobile module doesn’t support redundancy in that mobile clients won’t automatically fail-over to the backup node if the master dies. You could manually re-launch a mobile client off of the backup however.

The backup node will always have all of the modules that the master node has - this is part of how redundancy works. It’s up to you whether or not you care about the fact that the backup mobile module is in trial mode - it won’t hurt anything to just ignore it and leave it in trial mode.

I would have thought that if the master node goes down and the backups trial mode expires the non mobile clients would stop working until the trial was reset or the master comes back online. If that is not the case then i will just ignore the trial status of the mobile module on the backup server.

Trial mode won’t affect any modules that are licensed - so your backup’s trial expiration affects the mobile module only, not the normal Vision module that is licensed.