Mobile Module

My customer is starting to use Ipads, and we have a couple of questions:

  1. On the report viewer, they can right click on the report to print. Does the mobile module have some magic command to duplicate this, or do mobile devices in general have a way to send a right-click?

  2. The ignition screens act a lot different than their other apps. They can take their fingers and zoom in and out their other screens, but it doesn’t seem to work with ignition. They can pan the entire screen, but it doesn’t resize or anything like that.

  3. Should fonts automatically scale if they scale on standard monitors?

  4. How do I get the mouse-drag event to work?

I have never had an Ipad, so I can’t tell where the respective levels of functionality belong. Any hints are appreciated.

  1. There is no-right click, so you’ll have to put a button next to the report that calls it’s print() function.
  2. This is tricky because we capture the finger gestures to act like the mouse. The zooming should work when not in pointer mode though - I’ll have to grab an ipad and see if this stopped working.
  3. Yeah
  4. It won’t.

Hmmm, how would I emulate drap and drop on a mobile device?

And, do developers basically create a second mobile project and develop in parallel? It looked like a good half of the functionality transferred over, but there will be significant tweaking. And should I have separate projects for Ipads and something like an EVO?

The answers to those questions are pretty subjective and case-dependent, but yes, I’m seeing most customers designing parallel projects for use on mobile devices just because of the fairly large differences in how users interact with the devices.