Mobile on 7.6.4rc1 failing

Hey guys
We are starting to develop a mobile project now and are trying to get it working with 7.6.4 rc1 and not having much luck so far. We are running latest java 7.4. Each time we get to the site and select project and then login it initializes then we get connection reset by peer: socket write error.

I have attached the logs.

Mobile doesn’t work with the latest Java (7u40). The developers are working on a fix. Downgrading to a previous Java 7 is the workaround for now.

Is there a specific version? And what is time frame for 7.4 fix?


Java 7u25 should work. The fix will be in rc2, which should arrive late this week or early next week.

James: Do you expect that the fix in rc2 will solve our problem with the Mobile module not working in our environment of 7.6.3 / 7u25 / headless - CentOS linux ? Thanks for keeping us informed…

LarryC, I see your question was answered elsewhere, so this is really for anyone else browsing this thread. :slight_smile:

No upgrade is needed to successfully run Mobile on Linux. The problem is one of getting an X server to play nice with Ignition when the machine is restarted. Check out for instructions on how to make that happen.