Mobile Performance Issues/Limitations

I have viewed the mobile demo project from an iPhone and also from an android phone. Both seem to require a lot of processing power when communicating over the 3G data network.

This has got me wondering about the limitations of developing a mobile project with Ignition. Can you let me know what limitations there are using the mobile module.



I was wondering the same as OP on Ignition’s mobile front.

From my iPhone, I can get to the Ignition Mobile launch page, but when I click on an aplicaiton I get the following error:

Sorry to thread jack, but I just wanted to express that I am also having issues getting reliable functionality out of Ignition Mobile.

The mobile device isn’t really doing any of the processing. The actual client is running on the Ignition Gateway Server, not the mobile device. When you use the mobile client you are actually using HTML5 canvas and the image of the client is being painted to the screen of the client by the server. If it is behaving slowly, its probably due to network speeds.

It sounds like you’re using Java 7 on your Ignition server. Currently the Mobile Module will only work with Java 6. You will need to uninstall Java 7 and install Java 6. When doing this you will also need to modify the ignition.conf file to point to the correct version of Java.

Or you can run Java 6 and 7. The gateway can continue to run 7 and under Mobile->Settings on the config page, you can specify the path to Java 6. Then the mobile module will use Java 6.

There you go! Thanks Robert