Mobile Perspective User Login Bug


I’ve been playing around with the perspective app on iOS and I have come across what seems to be a bug. In my project, I have a button that a user can press in order to login. When the user logs in, however, the screen seems to lock up and the user can no longer interact with the majority of the components on the screen. Even clicking on the login button again (which should log the user out) does nothing. The only solution in this scenario appears to be to close the app and open it up again.

Out of curiosity, I opened the Perspective Demo within the app and the exact same situation occurs when I login there. Could this be a bug or this there something else that is causing this?


What version are you using? This sounds like it might relate to a bug listed as resolved in one of the more recent 8.0.x versions.

I’m using version 8.0.15

That’s newer than the bug fix I saw, so this must be something else.