Mobile Phone flip causes Client Disconnect - Long Reconnect

We have a problem where every mobile phone browser except androids using chrome will disconnect the client from the gateway in the event of an accidental rotation of the phone to horizontal.

is there a way to lock the phones vertical or to resolve this issue?

There isn’t any control for orientation on a mobile project. However, it is possible that your device has a setting somewhere that will lock the screen orientation.

When the device rotates and disconnects, is there any error message that shows up?

Has there been an update for the orientation feature on the mobile system recently that would allow me to set the mobile scada to portrait only on ignition. I am having issues with the page not automatically re-sizing on my mobile device after its been turned and if it was possible to lock the screen in portrait it would fix this. I am aware of the lock feature on the device itself. i just wanted to know if there was able to lock it for all future devices that will be connecting.