Mobile Problems: Slow Navigation And Frequent Reconnection

Hi to everyone,

I’m trying to make my application running in mobile version and I encounter some navigation problems.
Especially the navigation is slow very often, like I have to wait for 5 seconds to get pages swap. Often It seems that I lose connection ( It appears the label: “reconnecting”).
There’s the same problem with the mobile-launch on my laptop.

Things to say:

I set my mobile (an Ipad mini) as VPN client of the customer’s server.
I don’t think the problem is customer’s VPN, because Ignition shares the VPN with another program and there’s no problem with that, the navigation is easy to me.
I try to change browser (Safari, Firefox) but nothing changed.

In this project a lot of tags are processed, could this be the problem?
I tried to launch an empty project in mobile mode, and it seems to work better than my project, surely it’s faster. But even in that project when I push a button I haven’t any feedback about the operation’s success. Is that normal?

Could you give me any suggestion to improve this situation?

Thank you,

P.S. I’m using the latest version of Ignition