Mobile project

I’ve got some 1024* sized windows for a computer launched client
I’m trying to figure out the best way to create an optimized mobile applet from an existing project.

I was assuming this task would be best approached by changing some properties and then taking what I already had and trying to shrink the windows down to 320*396 size.
The problem with this is that any Texts that I have won’t scale. Graphs look like they would have to be redesigned.
Is there a quicker way to make a mobile app?
I’m going to change the look of the navigation but other than that, I’d like to reuse many windows.

Chances are you’ll still have to do a fair amount of redesign here. Our software scales with regard to the aspect ratio of the screens you design, so it will be quite different for mobile screens vs. computer screens.

With that being said, you should still be able to reuse components you have configured (charts, labels, etc.), you’ll just need to move them around and possibly change the layout mode.

Which brings me to your text issue. In the layout mode, there is an option for allowing the text to scale when re-sized. You’ll probably want this to be enabled.