Mobile projects and error log files

Hi guys, first of all I would like to congratulate you for the new version (specially for the visual part). I am creating a SCADA in a server with a public IP and I would like my users to launch it from their mobile phones. I have read that it is possible to do this in a private network, but I am not sure if they can do it through the Internet from their mobile devices. I have been doing some testing and when I launch the project all what I get is a screen with the message “java.lang.IllegalStateException: Client VM not initialized.”. The project works fine if you launch it from a PC through the Internet.

One last thing, long time has passed since I checked the error log files, and now I can’t find them (this is a big problem if I want to solve the mobile issue). I have checked the manual and the forum trying to find information about their location in the computer (Ubuntu OS), but I have been unable to do so. Can you give me a hand, please? Thanks in advance.

This problem shouldn’t have anything to do with Internet versus Intranet.

The standard vision client runs Java on the client machine. This architecture is nice because you’re synch’d with the gateway for updates and communication, but the processing is distributed.

The mobile module works a little bit differently. Everything, including the rendering of the visualization is performed on the gateway. The system then passes the display and input back and forth. This setup trades server processing to make it easy on mobile devices. The catch is that you need X Windows configured on a Linux Ignition gateway running the mobile module because it is doing all the rendering. I’d recommend searching the forum for “headless mobile” or contacting tech support for assistance if you have trouble implementing this.