Mobile Reconnection

I have a situation where a user first starts a mobile session at one project and then is redirected to another. However it appears that eventually it disconnects I suppose because the wireless connection goes to sleep with inactivity. Then the user must press a restart button and is directed back to the gateway mobile page and must start the 1st project again, log in and then go back to where they were. Is it possible to either redirect automatically to the project they were on when the click Restart or prevent them from having to restart at all?


An update: I’m not sure that it’s because the device went to sleep. The Wifi is set to stay on even when asleep. I set the session timeout very long (8 hours) and it still seems to need a restart after a while. Anyone know what causes this?


what browser are you currently using to view the mobile client ?

Chrome 35.0

What is most likely happening is the OS itself is timing out on the connection when it goes to sleep since when an OS goes to sleep if suspends all but core functions which would mean it would suspend the majority of its network connections causing the browser to timeout with the connection to the Gateway server. This would mean you would need to re-establish a connection with the headless-client on the gateway.

That may be (although according to what I can find, the WiFi connection is supposed to stay active). However, it seems the session on the gateway closes regardless of the session timeout setting.