Mobile Screen Rotate Event

I haven’t been able to find anything related to this so I thought I would ask…

I am developing screens in perspective to display data on a mobile device.

I want to display different embedded views based on the orientation of the screen.

For example, when a user is holding the phone vertically, it displays one view, but when they rotate it horizontally, it displays another view.


We are not currently providing any access to the orientation of a device (landscape or portrait). As such, there is also no “Event” for this orientation transition. The Breakpoint Container allows for using two different layouts for one View based on the width of the screen compared to a value you supply as the “breakpoint”, but it doesn’t inform you of which breakpoint is in use at a given time. If your end goal is just to have a different layout depending on the width of the screen (or Embedded View), then I would recommend using the Breakpoint container.

Thanks for the quick response!! I’ll try it out.