Modbus addresing

Good afternoon for everyone,
I’m using a PLC Micro 850 and I adressing it in ignition via Modbus TCP and the gateway mentions that the PLC is connected. But when I try to address a PLC tag in Ignition it always appears that the tag value is bad.
I have already verified that the tcp address of the PLC and the ignition tag match. Example: a Boolean address in the PLC has the address 000001 and the OPC tag Path of the editor tag I put the following: [PLCName]C1
I hope, that can you help me with this issue.

Have you tried configuring that modbus address to be a coil for the type? If you share your modbus address mapping, it might help figuring out what’s going on.

It is not just a coil, I also have to set other data types like Int and Dint.
I configured the modbus address as follows.

Mapping address
PLC tag

And the modbus mapping on that device in the Ignition Gateway has C1 defined as a coil in More → Addresses?

Defining the address map isn’t necessary, C1 is a valid Modbus address on its own.

Try specifying unit/slave id 1 by using 1.C1 as the address,

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The address used 1.C1 works. Thanks for the help