Modbus Address Map

I have a device ModBus and it has many addresses,
I need to create a tag to use all addresses.
How can I create this tag to return all values.
Please help me!

Create a tag to put all address:
Ex. V2000/V2001/V2002…


Ignition doesn’t support array tags of this form (yet). Ignition’s array data types are bitwise views of single device elements.

The only option is probably to create all those different tags. Perhaps under a single UDT, so you can alter their settings (alarming, historian, …) all at once.

The easiest to achieve this would probably be to create a few tags, export them to CSV (via right click), add the other tags as CSV lines, and import the tags again.

When you use indirect bindings, you can still pretty much use it like an array.

Thank you for your helps!