Modbus address problem

Hi, i want to connect a modbus INTECONT SatusBelt Weigher from schenck Fig_01.

the weigth instrument have a modbus TCP protocol, how you see into Fig_02, y take the modbus address as show the fig_03.

but i don’t have data has you see into the fig_07 & fig_08. i use the manual selection (HR) and the Choose OPC item, as you can see into fig_04, fig_05… fig_08.

what i have wrong? to get the value from this modebus address.

Regards Gerardo Garcia

for the actual value i use a 48, 048 & 0048 modbus address has you see into fig_03, but dont work

I can resolve this problem with:

  1. from Fig_.03, the address is 1873 with the modbus address adjust insted 48
    2.- configure true for Reverse Word Order and true for Reverse String Byte Order in Show advanced properties of OPC-UA Server-Devices