Modbus Address UINT32 Read Problem

If ModbusTCP address such as attachment JPG file ,

Ex: 44001=1 / 44002=2
Count_1 Value=131073=(65536x2+1)

How to setting ModbusType in gateway Config > Opcua > Devices > Address Configuration?

Thanks for help~

The address mapping would look something like this - you may need to play with settings on the device for zero based addressing, and you may need to change the ‘Unit ID’ to match your device.

Thanks for you replay.

I have two case,now

case 1: Hi-Word before Lo-word ,count value is correct

case 2: Lo-Word before Hi-word ,count value is wrong

You can change the Word Order setting in the driver, but it applies to all multi-word values for that driver instance. You can’t have some values that are “word-big-endian” and some that are “word-little-endian”.

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