Modbus Addressing - 32 Bit

Good morning,

I want to read a 32 bit integer using modbus. My OPC path includes HR and expressions, however some positive numbers appear the same as some negative numbers, for example 33000 and -32536 appearing the same. Using HRI I find difficulty finding a clean expression to always give the correct number. Is there a clean way to match all possible values?

Thank you for your time

Sorry, I mean that its a holding register, and from my OPC tag I then need to use an expression tag, to have an Ignition tag that correctly displays the value in all cases

I found the answer in the manual

"Modbus only supports reading and writing to memory types of bits and 16-bit words. This is not very useful when reading from or writing to float point or 32-bit integers.

To work around this problem, the Modbus driver is designed to read two consecutive 16-bit words and encode it into the desired data type"