Modbus Addressing of Secure Make Elite 440 MFM

I am unable to communicate to Secure make Energy Meters Elite 440. It’s on network. CEWE ConfigView is working fine but unable to communicate via Ignition Device module address is showing out of range.
Modbus Address to communicate is 400004

This looks like Modicon-style addressing, which means in Ignition the address is going to be something like HR4, possibly +/- 1 depending on if addressing is zero-based. (4 prefix indicates Holding Register)

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Hi Kevin,
Thank You for your response.

I am using Modbus Addresses Setting from Connected Devices option. Kindly suggest with some example if address to communicate is 400100,400102…

Thank You

Drop the prefix as @Kevin.Herron suggests. Ignition is gong to look at 400100 as an address of four hundred thousand and one hundred, when your actual address is 100. Your opc tag will be something like [deviceName]HR100.

Tried this way but values aren’t matching actual value. Kindly suggest what issue it might be.

Kindly show us what you are getting. And did you try the settings Kevin recommended?

Did you look at the documentation?

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