Modbus assistance

Alright new to this group. I am struggling to get data using the built in Modbus RTU over TCP tools. I can establish connections and see data both ways but no matter how I configure my Addresses I seem to get "Bad" status value. Have read the manual, looked at samples and feel like I'm just not sure what the proper syntax should be in the address configuration tools. I've even tried manually adding from tag browser [devicename]HR1, and have tried every possible prefix, start, end and modbus address combination that I can think of and get "BAD".... that I'm now confused and figured I'd ask for help!

For a simple request, I am trying to poll my first Modbus register 40001 which is an ui2. Could someone help me with the configuration values I should use in address configuration?

Much appreciated!

Welcome, if it is RTU over TCP then is there a node number? e.g. 1.HR1

Jezzz.. Ok, now I feel really bad that I missed that!!!! Worked like a charm on adding a manual tag!!
[DeviceName]1.HR1 brought back valid data.
Very much appreciated!

Now that I know it works, lets see if I can figure out the syntax on address configuration.

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Unless you have a lot of tags to configure, and they just happen to all be sequential... I'd just avoid the mapping all together. It's not worth the hassle. Just create tags in Ignition that use the address syntax.


Thanks everyone. Successfully collecting Modbus data from integer, floats, and bits. I'll now move forward with a complete Modbus data array.

Appreciate the advice!