MODBUS - Bad Value with Floating register


I am experiencing a “Bad” Value when attempting to read two 16bit modbus register from a local device and cannot seem to troubleshoot the issue with Ignition OPC-UA.

I’ve done the same in KEPWARE and was successful, so I’m thinking I’m configuring the Ignition side wrongly somewhere and am looking for some advice or articles to help.

my address configuration:
V_ 0 10 TRUE 0 HoldingRegisterFloat 1

Device Manual mentions “These registers are 16 bits each and are organized as shown below. All of the values are reported as 32-bit IEEE standard 754 floating point format.
This uses 2 sequential registers, least significant 16 bits first.”

You might need to use the “Swap Word Order” setting in this device’s configuration.

I solved the issue.

I did try the “reverse word order”, but nothing really changed, although searching along “word order” for the device, I came by a forum post about the device.

Apparently I needed to assign the UNIT ID to a specific number that is configured on the device, which is not mentioned at all in the manual’s communication sections.

Thanks Kevin for responding so quickly.

That was going to be my next question! Glad you got it working.