Modbus Configuration Issue


I am trying to connect a modbus device i did it in the past with a wago 750 and it was very easy as I use only DI.

Now i am trying to connect a card reader device and it's not working the card reader to modbus gave me this information :

This is my address configuration

I also tried using HR/HRU/HRS in the designer without luck.

I can get one data on register 0 but the the other one wich is stange because it suposed to start at 1 :

Any help would be apreciate.

Thank You

Why did you configure your Modbus Address as 1024 instead of 1?

I was following a example on the docs part on the website. When i used that address was the first time I got data in the register 0. Tried with 1 and 0 and got nothing now.

The data in register 0 is always the same and is not what i am looking for data i am looking for is in register 16 and 17.