Modbus Danfoss ECL 310

I’m wondering if anyone has experience connecting Danfoss ECL 310 controller to Ignition. I have a project where I have to include a heating substation into Ignition Edge, but the existing substation is run by ECL 310 controller. There is a Modbus communication manual with listed parameters for ECL, but I can’t work out what the addresses in Ignition should be.

Based on the manual, it appears that the “PNU” values omit the “3” or “4” prefix typically seen in such documentation, for input registers and holding registers, respectively. So the PNU would be used directly in the Ignition address.
It seems readonly address PNU=4000 would be [device]IR4000 and read-write address PNU=4060 would be [device]HR4060. I think. That’s what I’d try to start.